What Does Jinnah Have To Do With AMU

What Does Jinnah Have To Do With AMU

The incident that took place in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) sparked a lot of outrage on social media and has drawn various versions in the society.

People are demanding the removal of Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait hanging in the the assembly hall of the University.

The portrait, although, has been hanging there since 1939 after he was an awardee in that year. Mahatama Gandhi was the first recipient of the same award. The list also includes BR Amedkar and Mother Teresa. Many have questioned the way the entire incident took place and others have stated that Jinnah is just a distraction from the actual issue.

The last Vice-President of India, Hamid Ali Ansari was to give a speech and get awarded. According to AMU student Union, around 20-25 people entered the building and started raising slogans against Ansari. The slogans that have come up is, “desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro saalon ko”, according to one of the students who was beaten up.

The identified group who has beaten up the students is “Hinduwadi Sangathan” who demanded the removal of Jinnah’s portrait. But the point is with police around them, how were they able to breach the security and get within 100 metres of proximity of Ansari, who was staying in the guest house.

With the elections looming in the country, will our Universities become the battleground for politicians to target a community that will invoke extremism?