10 Best Fact-Check Websites in India

By People Like Us
Published 8 April, 2021

It’s now more important than ever for us to acknowledge the problem of fake news

One must remain vigilant and counter misleading users with facts and proper sources

In order to combat misinformation, various websites are helping curate reliable information for its readers by identifying fake news

Here are some of the reliable fact-checking websites

1. Boom Live

It is India’s premier fact-checking website with a mission to fight misinformation and make the internet safer

2. Newschecker

Their aim is to limit and crackdown the spread of fake news in society by examining the statements and claims made by people on social media

3. Fact Crescendo

It is an independent, unbiased fact-checking website that checks videos and text in more than 10 languages

4. NewsMobile FACT CHECKER

News Mobile was founded by a team of award-winning journalists and they have a special section on fact-checking where they debunk fake news

5. Newsmeter

Newsmeter's separate Fact Check unit shows credible news stories and analysis of current affairs as and when they unfold

6. India Today Fact Check

India Today Fact Check is part of TV Today Network Ltd that is managed separately and independently

7. WebQoof (Quint)

The Quint's IFCN-certified fact-checking initiative has established itself as one of the leading disinformation buster in the industry

8. Vishvas.News

Vishvas News shows the reality of viral news, messages and videos from India and around the World

9. Factly Media & Research

Factly’s written and visual stories lay out facts with evidence and aims to simplify public data

10. AltNews

Alt News is committed to debunking misinformation on a daily basis on social media as well as mainstream media