Here’s how you can treat COVID at home

By People Like Us
Published 7 May, 2021

Monitor your vitals

It is critical to monitor the condition of the patient regularly. Any dip in the vitals means you need an immediate doctor consultation and try to move the patient to a hospital facility as soon as possible.

Isolating to break the chain

Don’t break the isolation bubble, even if you are at home. Restrict your movement to one room. Avoid any physical contact with family members.

Double masking

The COVID patient should be wearing two masks and any family members caregivers should also protect themselves by wearing a mask at all times and preferably a PPE kit.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eat small portions for easy digestion. Try a high protein diet for better recovery. Don’t forget to eat at least one fruit a day. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Keep in touch with your doctor regularly

Do not become a physician. Consult a doctor and follow the course of treatment advised by them. And keep your doctor updated on the condition of the patient.

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