Donating Plasma? Here’s A Guidebook

By People Like Us
Published 22 April, 2021

This guide is for people who have recently recovered from Covid‑19 or are recovering or have friends who might want to donate plasma 👉

Who can donate plasma? Here are the things to be kept in mind.

You can donate plasma if:

  • You were tested positive for Covid-19
  • You have fully recovered and free of symptoms for 14 days
  • You are between 18-60 years old

What is convalescent plasma therapy?

Convalescent plasma therapy involves transfusing blood plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 and infusing it into patients who currently have the disease.

Myths around plasma donation


  • Plasma Therapy requires blood donation, Therefore a donor can only do it once every three months
  • COVID-1 9 recovered individuals who are diabetic cannot donate plasma


  • Only plasma is extracted for plasma Therapy. Plasma can be donated twice in 7 days (with at least a one day gap between 2 donations)
  • Diabetic individuals can donate under certain circumstances: 1. They do not have a significant change in medication in the last 20 days. 2. They currently do not use insulin.

How plasma can save lives?

Approximately 400ml of plasma can help save 2 lives

How to get a plasma donar?

PlasmaLine has been created to make sure this crucial time isn't wasted in looking in the wrong place. Their aim is to match COVID recovered individuals with patients who are in need of plasma therapy.

When can a Covid+ recovered patient donate plasma?

  • Symptomatic positive patients - 28 Days (*Covid +ve recovered patient)
  • Symptomatic negative patients - 14 Days (*Covid +ve recovered patient)
  • Asymptomatic positive patients - 28 Days (*Covid +ve recovered patient)
  • Symptomatic untested patients - 28 Days (*Covid +ve recovered patient)

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