Fearless wall at Shaheen Bagh| Shilo Shiv Suleman

The Muslim women-led protest at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi – often described as the ‘Ground Zero’ of the protests – against India’s new citizenship law which the protestors call unjust has seen women from all walks of life participate. Art has been used by many of the protestors to convey their angst and to inspire […]

Teenagers talk about the future of Gurugram & the Aravallis

The PLPA of 1900 provides legal protection to forests and trees on the community, municipal and private lands. With the Haryana PLPA amendment, environmentalists fear that much of the Aravalli hills will open up for mining and construction. We interacted with a few students about the importance of Aravalli hills, climate change and pollution and […]

Why India’s Farmer Crisis Is Here To Stay!

The real cause of India’s farmer crisis? We traveled across the country to meet farmers who were protesting and a lot of 8- farmers who we trained in Punjab to get this right. The #PlucOriginal focuses on various issues that trouble Indian farmers and have brought such a huge crisis upon them. With the #IndianNationalElections2019 […]

MUMBAI: Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress and AAP come together to fight Mumbai’s Pollution

At #LetMeBreathe and TwitterIndia’s CitySession Mumbai, attended by Aditya Thackeray, Milind Deora, Ashish Shellar and Kishore Mandhyan – we saw these young leaders discussing Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Aarrey and Electric Mobility in Mumbai.

Punjab Exodus: Why Are Young Punjabis illegally Immigrating To USA And Canada?

Can you believe that the IELTS exam eliminated caste marriages? Did you know many Punjabis have immigrated illegally through Mexico in the past and maybe are still doing it? What would Donald Trump think? There’s a strong reason why the ‘Punjab Exodus’ is rampant at the moment and it’s got to do with finding a […]