Courses Climate Storytelling and Content Creation by Sai Sethu

Climate Storytelling and Content Creation by Sai Sethu

Published on Nov 28, 2023

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Unlock the power of compelling narratives and creative thinking with our nine-module "Climate Storytelling and Content Creation" course. Tailored for individuals eager to elevate communication and innovation skills, this course delves into captivating storytelling, dynamic ideation, and specialized climate storytelling. Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, or a storytelling enthusiast, join us in broadening future aspects through the transformative art of storytelling.

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What you will learn

Unlock the power of compelling narratives and creative thinking with our Mastering Storytelling and Ideation course. Designed for individuals seeking to elevate their communication and innovation skills, this course delves into the art of captivating storytelling and dynamic ideation. Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to enhance their storytelling prowess, this course is your gateway to crafting narratives that resonate.

This course includes

8 Video Lessons (0 hr 26 minutes)

Private Pluc.TV community group

Certificate of completion

Full time access

About the instructor


Sai Sethu



Ideation for your content

Embark on a creative journey with our latest video as we dive into the art of ideation! Unlock the secrets of generating fresh, innovative ideas and discover techniques to fuel your creativity. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or just someone eager to enhance your brainstorming skills, this video is your guide to unlocking limitless possibilities. Join us as we explore practical tips, inspiring examples, and hands-on exercises to supercharge your ideation process. 



How to hook your audience

Discover why hooks matter in storytelling! Learn what a hook is, why it's important, and get a simple formula. Watch as we break down 5-6 business stories, showing their catchy hooks and suggesting other ways to grab attention. Upgrade your storytelling skills in this easy-to-follow video! 



How to end a video?

Learn the art of impactful video closures in this episode – whether it's a call to action, a memorable quote, or a clever sign-off. Elevate your video endings and leave a lasting impression on your audience! 



How to tell a story?

Explore the flow of a story post-hook, dissect the 4Is framework (Interest, Inform, Impact, Inspire), grasp the skill of using human emotions, and understand the art of keeping it simple and relatable.



How To Shoot Your Video?

Module Seven is here: 'How to Shoot Your Video.' Discover essential tips for framing, lighting, and creating captivating visuals. Elevate your content creation skills and bring your videos to life. Let's dive into the art of effective video shooting!





Types Of Storytelling

Module Eight unfolds: 'Types of Storytelling.' Delve into varied storytelling styles, from narrative to visual and more. Expand your storytelling repertoire and shape narratives that captivate. Let's immerse ourselves in the dynamic realm of storytelling styles! 



How To Brand Yourself Or Your Business?

Module Ten: 'Mastering Self-Marketing.' Learn impactful strategies to market yourself or your business. Don't miss this empowering conclusion to our course! Tune in and stay connected for more engaging courses to fuel your knowledge journey. 



The ABCs of Storyboarding Simplified

Join us in this episode to learn about storyboarding – the key to telling awesome stories! Discover how to plan and draw your ideas before creating a video. Let's make storytelling simple and fun.


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