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Kunwar Hari Om

A passionate Debater, who has won and chaired more than 50 National Debates and Youth Parliaments. He has extensively worked with many media professionals and Member of parliament. Recently, he was head of many states in the biggest poll of lok sabha elections 2019.

How is the Indian education system surviving during a lockdown?

2:28 mins

In this episode, Puc creator Kunwar Hari om, talk about how online classes are becoming problem for students living in rural areas because iof slow internet connection. The education sector is suffering due to the ongoing lockdown. As ordered by the Government, schools, and colleges have started online classes. The biggest question was how will the classes go on? After the HRD notification, colleges started our classes virtually. Some students opposed the idea. According to them, internet connectivity in their area is not very strong to attend live classes.

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Delhi in the midst of #coronavirus lockdown

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