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Mallika Arya

Sustainability,  Environmentalist, zero waste attempter , Co-founder: No straws attached.

Indian Elections 2019: Will Our Environmental Issues Get Any Attention?

3:50 mins

According to the IPCC special report, we have just 12 years to act on climate change, after which the impacts will be beyond devastating - with entire ecosystems collapsing due to extreme water shortages and erratic weather patterns. With Indian elections just around the corner, we're eager to see where our environmental crisis fits into the manifestos and agendas.

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Election Rallies Harming River Ganga?

Mallika Arya shares this story from Varanasi on the huge rally led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The streets were cleaned before the rally and decorated with hundreds of plastic balloons. This comes in after the Election Commission has put out strict norms on plastic pollution.

When she went back to check the next day at 6 am in the morning, she saw remains of balloons and flex boards were there in the river Ganga.

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