Tamseel Hussain - He's The Founder People Like Us Create (PLUC)
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Tamseel Hussain

Tamseel Hussain is the Founder and CEO of pluc.tv. He has over a decade of experience giving room to youth-led virtual narratives and is now building storytelling and technology solutions for the age of the creator economy. Tamseel has trained more than 30000 people on mobile storytelling and social media. He has worked extensively to drive citizen solutions during various humanitarian crises and COVID19. He has previously worked with organizations like Change.org, Oxfam India. You can also find his stories published in CNN international, Guardian and Channel News Asia.

He is a member of the working group of National Platform on Vaccine Confidence and the Intercitizen Council of The Billion Second Institute.

Tamseel has also founded award-winning platforms like letmebreathe.in (India’s largest climate change and sustainability stories platform) and socialsaheli.com (powering India’s rural women entrepreneurs).