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Delhi (Curently traveling) | Stories

A Journalist who is on a mission to mobilise the world to tackle plastic pollution. I run with a motley group of people carrying trash bags, and clean up public spaces in New Delhi. It's a thing now, it's called Plogging.

I'm an aspiring journalist from Kolkata. I look out for stories of people who want to bring change.
Working towards my goal of making an impact on society through documentaries.

9th grader who's passionate about pollution, sustainability.

She was a part of pluc's pilot program where Gen Z's tell stories on complex issues using their phones. We're creating the youngest purposeful mobile storytellers in India.

Pursuing Masters in Mass communication from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia. Logic and Sleep are his good friends.

Patna | Stories

I am an aspirant journalist challenging myself every day, to create new change in society.


Pursuing a degree in journalism and communication from the O.P. Jindal Global University, the prospect of becoming a journalist has me thrilled with anticipation.

An engineer by degree. A journalist by Choice. Working in Chennai

I love dancing and telling stories. Current pursuing BA from CMP Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh - interested in doing journalism.

A boy who loves Music, food, and traveling and has the aim to keep all the people happy and satisfied with my hospitality, as I run a Backpackers Hostel. And I’ve joined my hands with my friends to make people aware of the climate change.

Journalist. He has several years of experience and has worked with various reputed publications in the digital ecosystem.

13 year old student and avid gamer. Loves to tell stories on gaming and social issues.


A blogger, a communicator , and a news junkie who records the stories of people for a change or the betterment in the society. Worked with UN, and other media organizations as a Volunteer.


Building the next generation of social change leaders by running bottom-up, people-powered campaigns and movements

Passionate about spreading awareness of societal wellness. To make this world a better place for living.

Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh | Stories

Journalist from Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh. His stories have been featured in many print publications.



A passionate Debater, who has won and chaired more than 50 National Debates and Youth Parliaments. He has extensively worked with many media professionals and Member of parliament. Recently, he was head of many states in the biggest poll of lok sabha elections 2019.


Sustainability,  Environmentalist, zero waste attempter , Co-founder: No straws attached

Air Quality India | Stories

Air Pollution Scientist, outside the lab she's interested in public engagement activities focused on air quality and health and she curates   & 


Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA)

PhD in Environmental Health from the University of Birmingham, UK and Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from TERI University, India.

I am an International Para Athlete.
National Youth Awardee by President of India.
I am a Social Activist in the Disability Sector.
Founder Gen. Secretary: Para Sports Foundation and Wheelchair Cricket India.

Founder of Rohingya Human Rights Initiative (ROHRIngya). He is from Myanmar, Kingdong village, Buthidaung Township, Arakan State, He is also an active participant in social work related activities. He works for the people in needs.

Storyteller at Khanna, Punjab | Profile  | Stories

A common Punjabi who wants to tell uncommon stories.

A 22-year-old traveler and entrepreneur traveling around and creating businesses that are sustainable and promote sustainable tourism. We have a backpackers hostel named as wander station, stay and have a plastic-free living experience with us.

8th Grade Mobile Storyteller, passionate about Environment, Forests, and Wild Life. He loves Vultures!

Delhi | Stories

Award winning mobile journalist. Leads storytelling at People Like Us Create, has previously worked with hindustan times. Published in Al Jazeera, Hindustan Times. Moniker: @suchamojo

Delhi | Stories

I am video producer and a visual storyteller, who previously worked with Republic TV, India Today and Hindustan Times.

Profile  | Stories

19 year old pursuing Medicine and Surgery, Environmentally conscious Gen Z in between India and Italy.

Video Editor @pluctv at

A filmmaker based out of Gurgaon. A sports enthusiast and equipment geek. Trying to tell stories that inspire change.

| Stories

Pluc TV is a people driven mobile storytelling platform! Where anyone with a mobile phone can tell stories that matter. Our audience love their smartphones and are used to watching videos or reading articles on smartphones. We support them by giving them a means start fact checked conversations around issues that matter to them and help them meet the audience that matter for their content: where they live: on mobile screens and on social media.

At PLUC, we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone’s life.


A nearing journalist who’s overtly interested in covering international politics, climate change and j and k turbulence among countless others.

Delhi | Profile  | Stories

Tamseel is a public engagement & social media expert. With over a decade of experience, he has worked with media houses, tech platforms, non porfits and small businesses

He has helped many organisations in digital transformation and helped them simplify complex issues for the public. Tamseel, has worked extensively on issues around placemaking, mental health, human rights, inequality, gender, art & culture, environment, digital empowerment & politics.

He's the founder People Like Us Create (PLUC)

Profile  | Stories

The Heritage Lab is a digital platform connecting museums & citizens through campaigns and content!

| Stories

22 year old mountain kid from Gangtok (Sikkim) who gets shit done. Founder of Redendron - which is a collaboration of millennials who express themselves through their art and creativity.

A Political Science student who's working towards mobilizing humans towards taking action against Climate catastrophe.

Noida | Stories

Vivek Kumar is a student of journalism and mass communication from Amity University, Noida. He hails from Begusarai, Bihar.


A wannabe filmmaker who is movie and comic book enthusiast. Born with TV and educated with internet, I am a product of pop culture. Superheroes , Arnold Schwarzenegger , Sunny Deol , Shah Rukh Khan and Bruce Lee are my god.