Third Person Perspective S1 EP2

When gamers met content creators

Published on Dec 01, 2021


Show Creator

Satyam Tripathi

In this episode of TPP Find out the story of Rishabh Karanwal, a.k.a., Rakazone Gaming. Raka is an OG streamer and one of the most successful ones too. Once an aspiring government officer, he was hailed as the streamer of the year in 2018. His journey is an inspirational template to all of us; for no matter wherever you are in life, it is never too late to follow your passion. The recent growth of content creation has made the gaming scene even more inclusive, people who don’t have the best of gaming skills but are natural entertainers have occupied the centre stage. This was an upgrade for the audience from the monotony of pre-recorded shows to live interactive content, placing the makers and the consumers on the same ground. This is one of the major reasons why eSports are so famous with the youth today. According to a report by Moneycontrol, the content creation mini-industry will be able to generate a revenue of around 300-400 million USD by 2023. Are you revved up? Let's gear you up behind the joystick and take you for a ride into the world of eSports.

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