This Woman's Advocacy Opened Vaccination For Pregnant Women In India | Pluc TV
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Here’s some big and important news – the government of India opened up vaccination for pregnant women on June 25, 2021. But how was this made possible? Meet Priyali Sur, an independent journalist who is behind this collective success. What prompted her to do this? Priyali contracted COVID during her second trimester of the pregnancy. With nearly no hospital letting her in for treatment she decided to become the voice for those pregnant women who have suffered complications due to COVID. Like her, many women have been turned away from hospitals, not getting access to life-saving care to save themselves and their unborn child. So she started a petition, addressed to the health minister to open vaccinations for pregnant women. It got the support of over 75,000 citizens and Priyali’s campaign was successful in moving the Delhi High Court. For Priyali, it’s been a very long journey, from campaign to being granted the right that every pregnant woman or lactating mother deserves her right to vaccination and her right to choose for her own body and her baby’s well-being.