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6 fHow we designed a grid that connects people in the pandemicThis Instagram account – 6ftlove- has been creating a grid of global solidarity during COVID-19. But want to know something cool? A trans US-India team is working to design and create Instagram’s largest network of people who are physically distancing, with illustrations and personal stories. The storytelling project has art at the centre of the grid and we take a deep dive into the pandemic’s salient feature – social distancing. The design project has transformed into an inclusive movement that shapes and represents diverse voices from across borders as they remain cooped up in the confines of their houses. The stories put up have come in from 83 countries and 100+ individuals in seven different languages so far. Some of them are doctors and domestic workers, while others are comedians and writers and the grid keeps growing, connecting more people and sharing more unique stories with each passing day.COVID PandemicCoronavirusCOVD PandemicSocial Distancinwp