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This is a story of the ancient city of Ayodhya, in Uttar Pradesh, that was traditionally known for its syncretic culture and religious harmony. Ayodhya., unfortunately, also has been home to one of India’s longest-running religio-legal battles involving the title dispute of 2.77 acres of land between Hindus and Muslims, known better as the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid dispute, The issue was put to rest in the landmark verdict last November by the Supreme Court of India which ordered the disputed land to be handed over to a Hindu trust to build the Ram temple along with a five-acre land given separately to build the mosque for Muslims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did the much-awaited foundation ceremony of Ram Temple in Ayodhya on August 5. As the inauguration ceremony came to an end, messages of peace and communal harmony reverberated from the loudspeakers of mosques and temples alike in the city in a unique symphony symbolic of India’s pluralism, that seemed to blow away years of discord and even bloodshed over the disputed property.