Why Don't We Talk To Men About Gender? | Pluc TV
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What is a man? How do you define one? Why should we define one? Why re we limiting masculinity in India to one stereotype? And more importantly, why can’t men be a part of the road of feminism that leads to gender equality? An unequal culture between men and women survives on hundreds of ordinary, everyday behaviors, proverbs and punishments. We are all involved. It is time for us to change. Dr Deepa Narayan is here to ask the most pertinent questions about masculinity in India. While her podcast explores the many versions of men in India and across the globe, she is on a larger mission to understand why did we give them a stringent definition to work with in the first place. In this episode of The Social Repair, Dr Deepa deconstructs the journey to gender equality, how can we include men in the same and why we need to normalise allyship.