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This is the story of bonded labour. In the second episode of Humans≠Sale, we meet Atmaram, Sanjida, and Janaki who either suffered as bonded labourers or watched their family suffer through forced labour. Today, India witnesses so many illiterate and poor people being duped, threatened, or forced into labour. Let’s listen to their stories as they hope to start a conversation around the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention, Care & Rehabilitation) Bill 2021. The bill which is likely to be tabled in Parliament during the ongoing monsoon session has the potential to be a game-changer for women, children, and other vulnerable people who are at the risk of being trafficked or have been victims of trafficking. What’s their biggest ask? These survivors fear that provisions under this legislation should not be limited to seeking to punish the offenders and provide care, protection, and rehabilitation to the victims but also provides for holistic preventive measures against trafficking. Do you know the story of a leader who fought forced labour to freedom? Share it with us only on Pluc.TV