What are the skills that a creative entrepreneur needs?

Published on Oct 19, 2021


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Thupden Gurung prefers to call himself a creative entrepreneur or a creator. Hailing from Sikkim, his goal, as a creative entrepreneur is to make the knowledge, make the 21st century skills that are required in order to thrive as a creative and accessible to all the creatives out there. Most of the creators might think that they might need to get a MBA for them to be able to stand out in what they are doing. But Thupden wants you to know a little secret - that it is not a necessity that you get all those boxes checked. You can always find the resources everywhere, you can always learn things. Thupden's journey with Pluc.TV has been instrumental in his experience as a creator and today with his enterprise Redendron he wants to create a medium through which creators can learn how to market themselves, learn how to brand themselves and how to thrive in the modern world. Love to create? Join the creator tribe at Pluc.TV

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