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Untold stories by familiar communities

Do you know anyone who has been a frontline warrior, an ASHA worker, a sanitation worker, an Auxillary Nurse Midwife (ANM) or an ambulance driver who has been working relentlessly since the coronavirus pandemic? Do you have a story that has made you rethink diligence and duty to one’s work? We are looking for videos to capture stories of individuals who have worked against all odds in the face of risks and soldiered on in the pandemic to serve their community. 

What do we want?


  1. One character-driven voice- One person has to be followed through the story. Extensive shots of the person’s life are required.
  2. Minimum 3 bytes in the story
  3. Ample b-roll to establish location, settings and day-to-day activities fo central character. We would need shots of faces of people around and them doing some activity. Establishing shots of locations like roads, lanes, houses, traffic, people working, groups of people are needed.
  4. We would need good audio and stable shoot
  5. Videos have to be shot in Horizontal format facing a light source and not against it.

B. Personal Challenges

What are the personal challenges a frontline Healthcare worker in the COVID-19 crisis deals with? Separation from family, anxiety about contracting the disease, vulnerability to violence, etc.

  • Any personal inputs of their experience and emotional aspects of the story
  • They can narrate a particular instance where they felt proud of their work as a frontline worker.
  • Their family interview on how they feel
  • Their personal struggle

C. Professional Challenges

An understanding of professional challenges. Limited resources, long working hours, access to the latest information, medical supplies, training, etc.

  • Here, we can source videos on problems but we need to add their suggestions for a solution as well

D. Structural Challenges

How healthcare needs and infrastructure should be prioritized. Focussed on suggesting solutions and sharing ideas for community impact. This also helps the healthcare worker define the needs and challenges of the community they services.

  • Community challenges
  • How society treats them
  • How patients treat them

Anchoring/ narration: You can add narration or anchoring too but the main hero of the story should be the people.

E. Permission:

We also need a consent video or consent in writing saying

“ I XYZ works AS XYZ from City/town XYZ allow pluctv and its partners to use my video”

Consent form attached

Please feel free to pitch any story ideas you have, the main objective is to bring emotional stories.

F. Information Repository

Ensure that you share their name, age, designation or occupation, location and any other facts relevant for the storytelling process.

G. Equipment check

You must have your own gear including at least:

  • HD-capable camera + lenses
  • Tripod or monopod- anything that ensures stability and a static frame especially while shooting interviews
  • Lav and shotgun microphones. In case you are shooting without an external microphone ensure that audio quality isn’t compromised with AC, cooler, machines, traffic or any other interference that may hamper the sound capturing process.