12 Himalayan States - 1 Day - 250+ Cleanups

India is the host for World Environment Day 2018

Shayzung, TEDxGangtok

Himalayan states have split up in over 200 groups to carry out their own cleanups

Priya Darshani Shrestha, ZeroWasteHimalaya

We're trying to segregate all the waste we collected. More than 15000 volunteers are participating in over 250 events across 12 states.

Once we get data on all which companies produce most of the pollutants then we can talk to the companies and tell them to be more responsible.

It's also for us to reflect on our own lifestyles to reduce the waste we generate everyday

Khagendra Pradhan, ZeroWasteHimalaya

ZeroWasteHimalaya is tackling the waste problem in and around Sikkim by raising awareness

With this cleanup campaign, I hope we to reach out to the world

So that people know the harmful effects of plastic and switch to better alternatives

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