13 historic artworks released by DAG as part of India’s first ever GIF-IT-UP Challenge

Image Source: DAG

In the GIF-IT-UP Challenge, people can create interesting, fun GIFs by remixing and re-interpreting openly licensed artwork from DAG Museums

The images include works by important Indian artists such as Benode Behari Mukherjee, Chittoprasad, Surendranath Kar etc and span different mediums – oil painting, prints, woodcuts and watercolours

Take a look at the artworks:

Image Source: videohive

1. A Bengal woodcut

2. A Cat by Jamini Roy

3. A Santhal Couple by Surendranath Kar

4. A Watercolour painting of flowers by Benode Behari Mukherjee

5. by Nandlal Bose

6. The Appeal by Chittaprosad

7. Cat Stealing Prawn

8. Kalighat pat (Anonymous)

9. Oleograph on paper, c. mid-20th century

10. Shakuntala Patra Lekhan by Raja Ravi Varma

11. A woman's painting by Jogesh Chander Seal


Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid at Delhi by Thomas Daniell

13. by Chittaprosad