5 Countries, 15000 Kms, 1 Goal

Abhimanyu Chakravorty

I am travelling to 5 countries approx 15000km with one goal Beat plastic pollution

Idea was very simple as there is plastic and waste management problem in India

I had gone to Vietnam in February and I saw similar issues... and more broadly the issue I am trying to get at is, how trash travels and what each country is doing to beat plastic pollution which is the whole point

If we are doing something to beat plastic pollution

If we take that message and if we could give that message to south asian countries and exchange some solutions

So I think a lot can happen which I think is the reason I took this trip and obviously cause is the centre piece of this project

The riding is incidental because I love motorcycles but yes it is the cause and I am hoping that some change can be bought through this

So I am starting today and today is September 12, 2018 and am hoping to be back in Delhi by December 15

So lets start doing and lets stop talking...Go follow the channels pluctv, letmebreathe and my Instagram handle @hainglachele

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