Cooking has emerged everyone's favourite activity during lockdown

Chefs in India are rustling up home-cooked meals that are easy to put together

Image Source: India Today

Here are 5 Indian chefs to follow for easy lockdown recipes:

1. Chef Saransh Goila (@saranshgoila)

Saransh Goila teaches simple recipes on his Instagram to make in self-isolation

Image Source: Instagram/saranshgoila

He also started #MorningsWithGoila that features many celebrity chefs along with some simple breakfast recipes.

2. Kunal Kapur (@chefkunal)

Kunal Kapur shares some very easy snacks, desserts and coolers which are a must try!

He also does regular live sessions and teach very basic and easy recipes

3. Radhika Khandelwal (@pandoodle)

She has been sharing lots of mouth watering recipes on her Instagram profile.

From different varieties of chicken to curries, she shares easy recipes that can be cooked quickly

4. Vikas Seth (@chefvikasseth)

Vikas focus on zero wastage while sharing the easiest and yummiest recipes.

His idea is to pick up produce that lasts longer, such as root vegetables and tubers like beetroot, arbi etc

5. Anahita Dhondy

Her idea is to get some healthy grains in the kitchen