AAP launches five-point plan for controlling the spread of the coronavirus

Image Source: ANI

The plan was developed after discussion with experts and doctors

Here are the five steps:

1. Testing

Kejriwal shared that if we don’t test, we wouldn't know where all the virus has spread and controlling it will be even tougher.

Image Source: Economic Times

2. Tracing

For contact tracing, every COVID-19 positive patient would have to share a list of people they came in contact with over the last 14 days

Image Source: Tribune

3. Treatment

Kejriwal shared that the city has arranged for about 3,000 beds for coronavirus patients.

Image Source: Economic Times

4. Teamwork

He said that no one person alone can beat coronavirus. Everyone has to work on the problem together.

5. Tracking and monitoring

He said that this last step was for him to do - he would be tracking the progress and monitoring the situation closely.

Image Source: The Hindu