Working from home has altered sleep schedules of 67% people in India

Image Source: Hindu Business Line

The coronavirus lockdown has drastically impacted people's life and sleeping habits has to be one of them

Image Source: news24

The study by Bengaluru-based sleep solutions startup suggests that lockdown has impacted the sleep patterns of many

Over 81% respondents believe their sleep schedule will be better once the lockdown ends, according to the study which involved 1,500 people

While 46 per cent of the respondents used to sleep before 11 pm prior to the lockdown, now only 39 per cent go to bed before 11 pm.

Similarly, about 25 per cent of the respondents used to go to bed post 12 at night during normal circumstances... the lockdown, 35 per cent have started going to bed after 12.

This indicates a 40 per cent rise in late night sleepers since the lockdown.

Job security, managing finances etc are also the issues that keep 49% people awake.

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