Anganwadi workers have been working towards tackling child malnutrition for the past 45 years

In normal times, India’s million plus army of Anganwadi workers leads the country’s war against undernutrition.

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Today, these women have joined another battle - the battle against COVID-19.

Who are Anganwadi workers?

They play a crucial role in promoting child growth and development

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There are almost 28 lakh anganwadi workers and helpers working under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme launched by the Central government in 1975

While their usual duty is to improve the nutrition of women and children across rural India...

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...they are now going door to door, recording people’s travel history, noting flu symptoms and, where needed, even helping trace contacts

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These women are helping with community surveillance as well during this pandemic crisis

But, the pandemic also means long work hours and risk for them

Many Anganwadi workers have tested positive for the coronavirus underscoring the risk that the frontline workers in the fight against the pandemic face

They flagged the problems they are facing in the discharge of their duties

"When we go to do surveys, people ask as to why are you here?” - Seema Kumari, Anganwadi Worker from Saharsa-Bihar area

"We explain them that this survey is for coronavirus"

In many areas, they have complained that no protective gear has been provided to them even while surveying COVID-19 hotspot areas

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But, despite the challenges, they have been working hard to help communities across rural India

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“We do face challenges but we are determined to help our community and people”