It is mentally traumatising to study in such a class, to study from such a professor who passes lewd comments

on you and your character, on your body shape. How can you feel comfortable?

Benaras Hindi University students protest against reinstatement of professor accused of molesting a girl

My name is Tanvi Sharma and I am a student of Benaras Hindu University

Female students of BHU are protesting.

The protest is against Professor SK Chaube who works in the zoology department.

In 2018, there was an educational trip organized for the students. There, he molested our seniors.

An inquiry was held for the same. About 39 students gave their statements against him.

The internal complaint committee proved him guilty.

But when the matter moved to the executive council, they only censured him.

A person who is being blamed for molestation, students are complaining against him, even the professors are against him, still he is serving as a professor in BHU which is very shameful.

No legal action has been taken against him and he’s been called again to teach in the new session.

We are demanding that he should be suspended has soon as possible because we can't learn from such a professor.

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