Reducetarian, a way of life

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It’s great to be a vegan not only for a healthy lifestyle but also for the environment

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Here is a good news: it no longer has to be “ALL or NOTHING.”

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Have you heard about Reducetarian?

Reducetarian is a concept that was proposed by Brian Kateman which aims at reducing animal consumption in the name of food

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Why not consider Reducetarian as a way to REDUCE various lifestyle factors we follow in our day to day life?

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This initiative was started to save animals from abuse as well as to help our overall health and our environment.

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Here are some simple ways you can be a reducetarian:

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1. Slowly start eliminating meat from your diet

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2. Opt for eco-friendly options over plastic

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3. Learn about waste management. Start composting.

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4. Use digital media for making points, to do or to buy list instead of using papers

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5. Learn to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.

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