Citizens come out to clap for coronavirus warriors after PM Modi's appeal

People Across India Come Out to cheer for health workers

From all parts of India people came out to show their solidarity with the forces fighting coronavirus.

The air was filled with reverberations of claps, bells and sirens

Celebrities too joined hands and showed their gratitude to the forces

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi had appealed citizens to observe a "Janata curfew."

But came along was a lot of fake news.

Several people on social media have come out with various theories.

They claimed that clapping together at 5 pm would make such a "vibration" in the atmosphere that coronavirus will be destroyed!

No, clapping hands in Janata Curfew does NOT kill Coronavirus

PIB Factcheck has tweeted saying that The vibration generated by clapping together will NOT destroy coronavirus infection.

Prime Minister Modi has taken this initiative of clapping at 5 pm only to appreciate the emergency staff who are working selflessly to tackle coronavirus.