Covid-19 has spread around the world

The pandemic has overwhelmed health systems in many countries

Image Source: China Daily via Reuters

Devastating economic and health crises are affecting the whole world

A number of countries around the world have been lockdown for weeks in an effort to "flatten the curve"

France – lockdown since March 17

France's curve has not completely flattened but the daily increases have started to slow

China – partial lockdown since January 23

China saw a huge spike in new cases on one day. However, the growth significantly slowed after that

Some European countries have begun flattening the curve of infections too

Image Source: Andrea Canali/EPA-EFE

According to numbers by Johns Hopkins, the start to a flattening is especially visible in Germany

In Italy and France, there has been some progress as well

Image Source: Manuel Silverstri/Reuters

Spain has had the steepest curve despite also adhering to a strict lockdown

Though the number of Covid-19 patients in India is rising, the graph is linear and not exponential and could indicate a flattening of the curve

Image Source: Times of India

The government said India's case positivity average is 4.5%, even as testing increased 33 times in the last 30 days