Centre has released on-flight guidelines for passengers

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Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that the domestic flights will resume operations from May 25.

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After the announcement, Centre has given out detailed instructions for passengers to take while they are on the flight and once the passenger arrives at his destination

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Here are the instructions to be followed:

On-flight instructions

1. Passengers must ensure hygiene and sanitization and should minimise face-to-face interaction

2. They should attempt to minimise the use of the lavatory

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3. While water bottles would be available at the gallery area or on the seats, the airlines will not provide any meals.

4. Consumption of any eatables inside the aircraft would be prohibited.

5. No newspapers or magazines will be available inside the cabin

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Instructions for passengers to be followed from airport to the destination:

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1. The travellers must deboard the plane in a sequential order and no one should rush towards the exit gate.


Social distancing as well as sanitization must be followed at the arrival gate, aerobridges, ramps, coaches and jet ladders.

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Passengers are advised to use baggage trolleys in the arrival hall sparingly.


Only authorised taxis maintaining hygiene standards should be used by passengers for travel to their destination


Upon arrival, travellers would be required to adhere to health protocols issued by the destination state or UT.