How to keep safe when going out in public?

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Everyone is occasionally leaving the house to buy essentials and get fresh air during the ongoing lockdown

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But, it also brings the danger of getting infected with the deadly coronavirus

Wearing masks is the best precaution, but there are others to adopt as well

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Here are some of them:

1. Don't make shopping trips a source of entertainment

You don't want to be infected, so shop swiftly and efficiently.

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2. Enough with the fingertips

Any time you have to open a door or push a button, use a different body part instead instead of your fingers.

3. Distance, distance, distance

Maintain distance while waiting in line at the grocery store or going on walks

4. Watch where you put your phone

Avoid placing your device on iffy surfaces to begin with

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5. Stop handling cash

Play it safe by setting the cash aside for now and relying more on contactless payments.