MoHFW has issued guidelines on preventive measures that need to be followed in workplaces

All offices are allowed to run at 100% capacity, even though work from home is encouraged to the extent possible

Here are the basic preventive measures advised:

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1. Physical distancing of at least one meter to be followed at all times.

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2. Use of face covers/masks to be mandatory.


Practice frequent hand washing (for at least 40-60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (for at least 20 seconds).

4. Respiratory etiquettes to be strictly followed.

Preventive measures for offices:

Employees who feel ill are advised to not attend office

Any staff requesting home quarantine based on the containment zone activities in their residential areas should be permitted to work from home

What happens when someone in the office tests positive?

In case anyone who share a room or a closed space are found to be suffering from symptoms of COVID-19, the following measures are recommended:

Place the ill person in a room or area where they are isolated from others at the workplace. Provide a mask till such time he/she is examined by a doctor.

Report to concerned central/state health authorities. Helpline 1075 will be immediately informed.

Closure of workplace

If there are 1-2 cases reported, the disinfection procedure will be limited to places visited by the patient in the past 48 hrs.

There is no need to close the entire office building and work can be resumed after disinfection as per laid down protocol.

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