Cow slaughter is a bigger crime than terrorism in India

This is what BJP MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja said on the rise of lynching incidents...

... due to the alleged killings by gau rakshaks

He had earlier demanded the release of the accused in the Alwar mob lynching

He went on to state that terrorists kill only 2-5 people...

...while cow slaughter hurts the sentiments of lakhs of people

BJP’s Rajasthan CM blamed a lack of jobs for the rise in lynching cases

Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal stated a rise in PM Modi’s popularity will lead to more lynching incidents

Another BJP MP believes lynchings are increasing because of the growth in Muslim population

97% of beef-related violence has taken place since Modi formed the government...

...according to Indiaspend’s content analysis of English media

A draft bill is being prepared to make stricter laws against lynching

But will that change the views of the government’s party members?