An outbreak of false information is spreading online around COVID 19

With the rise in number of Coronavirus cases, a lot of fake news has been going around

Image Source: Economic Times

From home remedies to daily news, here are some myths and facts:

1. Myth: Muslim man spitting at cops to escape quarantine/give him coronavirus

The video dated back to earlier in March when the incident occurred in Thane. The man had allegedly spat at the cops after he was denied food

2. Salaries/Pensions of government employees will be deducted

Fact: No such announcement has been made by the government

3. Myth: Emergency will be declared in India mid-April

Fact: Government has made no such announcement.

4. Myth: Hindus denied rations in Karachi

Fact:A fact-check conducted by a Pakistani English newspaper claimed that food ran out at the distribution site in Rehri Goth where the incident occurred.

5. Myth: Inhaling steam from hot water kills coronavirus

Fact: No such theory has come to light.

6. Myth: COVID-19 is Airborne

Fact: There has been no substantial theory that proves that coronavirus is an airborne virus

7. Consuming or applying Turmeric cures or prevent COVID -19

Fact: There has been no evidence that suggests turmeric as a cure

8. Myth: Novel coronavirus affects only elderly, not young people

Fact: The transmission of novel coronavirus has been seen in people of all ages

9. Myth: Holding breath for 10 seconds acts as test for Covid-19

Fact: An infected person can also hold his/her breath for longer than 10 seconds