Kids talk about air pollution

My name is Kajal. I want to tell you about the rising air pollution.

There is so much smog that nothing is visible. There is so much smog where I live, I feel frustrated.

Sometimes, it feels that humans are handicapped and helpless. It is very sad and upsetting.

Even for our mother earth, we are doing nothing but sitting and laughing on the condition of the air.

This year on Diwali, I burst a lot of crackers.

But, the very next day, pollution levels crossed 999 in Delhi.

Seeing all the pollution, I feel guilty for bursting crackers.

People come to school wearing masks. There are sprinklers to settle down the dust in our school. We sometimes miss our outdoor activities too

Its very difficult for everybody. It's been 4 weeks we have not gone out to play.

My mother has an asthma problem. It didn't cross my mind about the ill effects of bursting crackers.

I've taken a pledge that I won't burst crackers ever again. Air pollution is killing animals as well as humans.

My request to all to please stop air pollution!