Delhi Government is fully committed to reduce pollution in Delhi

We are at the consultation organised by the DDC - Delhi Dialogue Commission to introduce the new EV policy in Delhi.

Buying 3000 buses

We are buying 3000 buses. Out of them, 1000 are electric buses. And I have ben told that nowhere in the country, electric buses have been bought on this scale.

We have put a target of 25% of all new vehicles registered in Delhi, in 5 years from now. So, 2023 should be electric vehicles

Chetan Mani, Vice Chairman Sun Mobility

The policies has been most forward looking policies I have seen.

If one out of every four vehicles

on the street is an electric vehicles, then clearly, nobody will miss that right?

The charging infrastructure is coming

The first visible sign is whether the charging infrastructure is coming out.

Subsides is not a long time option

I have only one request from the industry that the whole regime of electric vehicles cannot work on subsidies for a long time.

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