Environment finds special mention in Congress poll manifesto

Focusing on the issues of ‘Environment And Climate Change’ on page 551 of its poll manifesto released in the Capital on 2nd of April 2019, the Congress party said it would work to combat global warming and work towards the protection of the environment.

The Congress claims it is the first Indian political party to acknowledge the consequences of Climate Change (this is in reference to Indira Gandhi’s stirring speech on the environment in Stockholm in 1972). The Congress further alleged that in the last 5 years the BJP Government had done nothing to protect the environment in India.

Some highlights of the manifesto with regards to the environment :


Congress promises an action agenda that will place India at the forefront of the battle against global warming and says it will work for the protection of the environment.


Congress will significantly strengthen the National Clean Air Programme in order to urgently tackle the problem of air pollution.


Congress will work closely with the State Governments concerned to preserve the rich bio-diversity of the Himalayan range and the Western Ghats.


Congress promises to protect the coastal zones of the country.


Congress will impose a complete ban on the import of all types of waste.


Congress will allow the import of sand for construction and stop the illegal mining of sand in riverbanks

Earlier, addressing concerns about the number of environmental issues India is facing, Gandhi had posted a tweet on March 30 stating that India needs to repair and restore its water bodies and regenerate and afforest its wastelands. Gandhi has promised to employ rural youth in the village gram sabhas towards this end.