We conducted a Mobile Journalism workshop with 40 farmers in October 2018

CS Grewal

Just when there was a discussion going on about farmers’ livelihood and pollution in the National media

Image Source: Hindustan times

'Almost everyone gets their food from a Farmer. A very large part of the population is also unaware, insensitive or simply ignorant to the trials and travails of a farmer'. - CS Grewal

 This training is aimed to empower farmers to put their perspective to the rest of the world, and share their successes, failures and aspirations.

Today, we are going to create storytellers out of farmers so that they can continue speaking the truth and the media and decision makers don’t talk about it

Our aim is that farmers should not be dependent on anyone. Their voice should directly reach the concerned authorities

Our aim was giving them basic training on how they can use their mobile phone to raise their voices

You just need a mobile phone to go viral on social media

It will also enable them to occasionally correct any misinformation being propagated on their behalf'. - Grewal 

We need more workshops like these so that we understand better how to approach policy makers directly

This workshop was successful as after that, farmers are coming out and speaking about their problems

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