Home Plants or Electric Air Purifier?

Diwali is around the corner and so is air pollution

Image Source: India Today

Not just outdoor, indoor air is polluted too!

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According to a report by WHO, 4.3 million people worldwide die due to poor air quality prevailing inside the homes

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So, can we do something about it?

Something as natural as plants, nature’s own air purifiers can help fight bad air inside homes


“Areca Palm is in great demand. Most of the customers who visit the nursery, buy Areca only”

A few natural purifiers include:

1. Snake plant

2. Peace lily

3. Areca palm

4. Spider plant

Another option to fight bad air inside homes is the Electric Air Purifier

Vikas who owns an electrical shop in Noida said,"Though air purifiers are expensive in comparison to home plants, they are a long term “health investment”.

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