Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is no more

The most charismatic leader of the BJP passed away in Delhi aged 93

Here is his life story-

Coming from a humble family in UP, his claim to fame was joining the RSS in the year India gained independence. He then Joined the Jana Sangh which later merged with the BJP

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By 1984, both Vajpayee and BJP had established themselves

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As a Prime Minister, his tenure saw some major political developments

Although he was praised for initiating a peace process with Pakistan and making India Nuclear, with the first ever tests in Pokhran

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His tenure kicked off with the bumpy start after he formed the government he could not get the support of the opposition and the government fell in just 13 days

This was a huge setback for Vajpayee

His global image suffered a major setback after the Babri Masjid Riots in 1992

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And the hijacking of Air India by terrorists in 1999 and then

the attacks on the Indian Parliament in 2001

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Surviving through this, He hoped to win another term through the ambitious India Shining campaign which backfired tremendously

The NDA ended up losing over half of its seats

Nevertheless, Vajpayee is celebrated for being the first ever non- congress PM to last a full term, making way for coalition politics in the country