Google has announced a feature that would help users maintain social distancing


Google through its Google Maps will now alert its users about places that are crowded which would include...

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...public transports, medical checkpoints and other important places.

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It’s also adding features that will help those traveling to COVID-19 testing centers better understand the eligibility and facility guidelines

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“Because of COVID-19, it’s increasingly important to know how crowded a train station might be at a particular time or whether the bus is running on a limited schedule." said Ramesh Nagarajan, product management director at Google Maps

The feature will be made available to both Android and iOS users.

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Nagarajan also mentions that Maps will share relevant information from local transit agencies when users look for directions that are likely to be restricted due to COVID-19.

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Google Maps is also introducing driver alert feature to let users know about COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions in the route when crossing a national border

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