Have you ever wondered why wikipedia has limited information about women artists?

People lack awareness about female artists

In 2008, a survey conducted by Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 13% of Wikipedia contributors were women

This explains the gender bias that exists in the representation of women on Wikipedia.

The Heritage Lab has been running editathons as part of the global campaign Art+Feminism

The Campaigners edit Wiki pages of artists they feel are underrepresented and have very limited information about them available online.

It will spread more awareness about the talented female artists

This Platform provides information on artists who have been underrepresented for decades

Jimmy Wales, the founder of the Wikimedia Foundation said,

the organisation failed to meet its goal of increasing women’s participation to 25% by 2015

Image Source: Evening Standard

Also, a lot of the women do not have Wiki pages, or if and when they do, those pages are very limited, known as 'stub' pages

With the help of this campaign, even if one page is added about a female artist, it will be a big change

With this initiative, Indian women are finally getting their due online