WarnerMedia Entertainment has launched HBO Max, a video streaming service, in the US

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The new service, while more expensive than its competition, will feature the entire HBO catalogue...

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...alongside an enormous roster of movies and TV shows that features Friends, The Big Bang Theory etc

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Priced at $14.99 a month, HBO Max will be one of the costlier streaming services in the US compared to Disney Plus and Netflix

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The company has said that the service will have more than 18,000 movies

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While HBO Max has no marquee original launch titles, it has high-profile series and films in the works

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In the works are three new shows from "Lost" creator JJ Abrams, a "Gossip Girl" revival, and Ridley Scott's sci-fi "Raised by Wolves"

On the movie side, new production label "Warner Max" will provide eight to 10 mid-budget movies per year.

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Comic book fans around the world collectively swooned with the announcement of a much-hyped new edit of 2017 ensemble movie Justice League.

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At launch, HBO Max said it'll have 10,000 hours of content

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The service is not being launched in India for now :(

WarnerMedia operates channels like HBO, CNN and Cartoon Network in India

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