Hindustan Unilever announced that it will stop using the word 'Fair' in the brand name 'Fair & Lovely'

The company’s decision comes after considerable backlash for perpetuating negative stereotypes related to darker skin tones

A Reuters report stated that around 6,277 tonnes of skin lightening products were sold across the world in 2019

In India, a 2014 marketing study found that almost 90% of Indian girls cite skin lightening as a “high need”

This preference for fair skin was perpetuated and strongly reinforced by colonialism in India and some other countries

It’s the idea that the ruler is fair-skinned, says Kavitha Emmanuel, founder of Women of Worth, an Indian NGO

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But now, people have started to push back!


It starts with 'HUL' announcing that it will stop using the word 'Fair' in the brand name 'Fair & Lovely'

Johnson & Johnson has also decided to stop selling fairness products in India

The company’s decision comes as over the past few weeks, social media has spoken out against Indian celebrities...

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...who have previously endorsed fairness creams and treatments

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The actors were also slammed when they posted against racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death since they themselves endorsed skin lightening creams

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Following criticism from an online petition, Indian matrimony website, Shaadi.com too have decided to remove a search filter labelled 'fairness'


The search filter allowed people to demand for specific skin tones, which has faced backlash in the past too

Actor-Producer Nandita Das also talks about these issues and is a part of 'India’s Got Colour' last year, a campaign to end skin colour bias in India through educational workshops, counselling and media

“No one thing ever changes a mindset. It changes so gradually, it’s when a number of things happen simultaneously over a period of time , you might be able to see an attitude change,” she says