Home Ministry has warns Government employees against accessing social media on official devices

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The ministry has reportedly issued a 24-page note to employees in this regard to prevent leakage of government data to adversaries

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It also directed officials not to carry out classified work on computers connected to Internet and instead use standalone systems

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“All personnel, including employees, contractual staff, consultants, partners, third-party staff who manage, operate and support information system...

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...facilities, communication networks and information created, accessed, stored and processed by or on behalf of the Government...

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...unless authorised to do so, shall not disclose official information on social media or social networking portals or applications,” the note reads

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The move, officials said, was to prevent security breach and ensuring sensitivity of data

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The ministry’s note also says that “No classified information of government can be stored on private cloud services"

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For e-mails, “Classified information should not be communicated via emails and official email accounts should not be accessed from public Wi-Fi's”

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The note is part of the Government’s focus on securing Indian data and systems

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