Toxic smog forced hundreds of Bangkok schools to close as authorities struggle to manage pollution crisis.

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The pollution problem has stirred widespread health fears and taken on a political edge just weeks before elections.

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Though the pollution levels are dangerously high, it is well below the Indian capital New Delhi

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The average AQI in Bangkok is 150 compared to 323 in New Delhi.

Reasons for the rising pollution include:

exhaust from traffic,

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Construction work,

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Stubble burning

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and pollution from factories

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Though precautions were taken by the Authorities to curb air pollution such as

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cloud seeding to provoke rain,

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and sprayed overpasses with water to catch micro-pollutants

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Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ordered all the public schools to shut due to issued health warnings

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"The situation will be bad until Feb 3 to 4, so I decided to close schools," said Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, adding he hoped the move would also empty the road of cars on the school run.

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