“A film on menstruation won an Oscar”

Period. End Of Sentence bagged an Oscar in Documentary Short Subject category at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony

The film is about the stigma attached to menstruation in a rural village in India.

Data from non-profits shows:

80% of girls face restrictions during their periods

"We are not allowed to enter the temple if we are on our periods"

"I was not allowed to buy flowers for a Puja since I was on my periods"

"As a kid, I used to feel isolated when I was not allowed to enter the temple"

"We are allowed to talk to our fathers and brothers while menstruating"

"I was told not to use a reusable pad as the impure blood will make the place unhygienic"

"This is my Stigma Story"

According to a report from WHO (2015)

At least 500 million women and girls globally lack facilities for managing their periods

Image Source: gemreportunesco

According to the Pad Project,

Girls are often forced to at stay home from school while they are menstruating, which can sometimes equate to missing a week of school each month.

Image Source: Theguardian

"A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.”