The Global Hunger Index has ranked India a lowly 102 among 117 countries

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India is one of the 47 countries that have “serious” levels of hunger

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It fell from 55 in 2014 to 102 in 2019 in the Global Hunger Index

What is the Global Hunger Index?

The GHI has been brought out almost every year by Welthungerhilfe since 2000

This year’s report is the 14th one

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A low score gets a country a higher ranking and implies better performance

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The GHI score is calculated on four indicators:

1. Undernourishment

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2. Child Wasting

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3. Child Stunting

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4. Child Mortality

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The share of wasting among children in India rose from 16.5% in 2008-2012 to 20.8% in 2014-2018, according to the report

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In 2018, India was ranked 103 out of 119 countries while in 2000, it ranked 83 out of 113 countries

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17 countries, including Ukraine, Turkey, Cuba, and Kuwait, shared the top rank with GHI scores of less than five

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Nepal (73), Sri Lanka (66), Bangladesh (88), Myanmar (69) and Pakistan (94) are in the ‘serious’ hunger category

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