India And Russia cooperate for the development of Indo- Pacific region

Image Source: Press Trust of India

PM Narendra Modi has announced that India and Russia are going to initiate a new alliance of cooperation to make the Indo-Pacific region open and free

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This statement by PM Modi comes amidst troubles with China, which is exercising its military power in the Indo- Pacific area

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India and Russia have signed a Memorandum of Intent for committing to the communications between the ports in Chennai and Vladivostok, Russia

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PM Modi believes that with an adequate amount of support, the Far East has the potential to serve as a bedrock for a robust Indo-Russian association

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There have been talks between India and other developing countries regarding the necessity of a thriving Indo-Pacific region in the presence of a growing Chinese military threat in the area

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For quite a long time, China has been trying incredibly hard to gain absolute control of the Indo-Pacific region with the help of its military power

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During the Eastern Economic Forum, Modi had a meeting with the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to discuss how they can strengthen their cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

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In November 2018, India, Australia, US, and Japan came together to form the long-overdue Quadrilateral coalition...

Image Source: business world make sure that the crucial sea routes in the Indo-Pacific remain free of harmful chinese effect

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