Indian Assembly Elections 2018: Five Key Take Aways You Must Know!

So the big takeaway from this election.

One. As far as the congress party is concerned, it was not a clean sweep. It was expected to sweep these elections, it has not managed to do that. So, it has to combat the BJP at an organisational level. As far as the BJP is concerned, yes, it is a wake up call.

As far as the congress party is concerned, the old guard is very much alive and kicking. The chief minister expected to be selected from the congress party in MP, Kamal Nath and in Rajasthan its going to be Ashok Gehlot most probably.

From hereon in the BJP, especially, PM Narendra Modi is expect to focus a lot of conversation in and around farmers.

The other big takeaway would be the agrarian distress that has been sending signals in terms of slow down and rural consumption and that is being affected electorally this time around a very if takeaway for the BJP come 2019.

And the third big takeaway as far the organization is concerned, the BJP is still very strong.

We have seen BJP gather, its hard line hindutva elements. We had a major show of strength this Sunday only at the Ramleela ground asking for a Ram temple.

One is Rahul Gandhi has worked but what has worked for Rahul Gandhi? That is a soft hindutva line that the congress party was toeing ever since the Gujarat election and that seems to paid divided.

The biggest campaigner for BJP in all these elections has been Yogi Adityanath. So, as far as hindutva is concerned, expect more to be played both from the congress as well as the BJP.